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Vitality Retreats
12 Week Self Care Retreat

Full of thoughtfully planned meditation and relaxation practices, mindfulness education, two private coaching consultations, and weekly group meditations. Maximum 6 people.

All Day Virtual Silent Retreat

Includes: Yoga, Guided Meditations, Relaxation, Mindful Walking &  Eating.

Angie is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and Meditation Australia

Retreats are the greatest way to "increase in prefrontal-amygdala connection (to lower reactivity)" D.Goleman/R.Davidson.

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Angie Tenace is an Executive Coach and Life Coach with over twenty years of corporate consulting experience.

Angie is committed to her vision to help people find their inner wisdom to live with vitality, purpose and meaning.

Angie is currently undertaking PhD research in coaching, mindfulness and compassion with Monash University.

Accredited Professional Executive Coach with the Association of Coaching ; IECL Certified Coach; Oxford Brooks Professionally Certified Coaching Supervisor; Accredited Master Change Manager (CMI); Bachelor of Education & Masters of Education (B.E.D.M.E.D.); Graduate Certificate of Educational Research.
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Retreat participation provides you with daily silent meditation sessions; weekly guided meditation classes; and access to Angie's recorded guided meditations.

Angie is the co-author of three books:
#Dare – to be you: Making the most of Mindful Moments; and
#Dare – to change: Unstick Yourself
#Dare to – Not Parent: Keeping Sane during Insane Times (Mindful Parenting)

Angie is currently studying her PhD with Monash University in coaching, mindfulness and compassionate leadership.
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To live with Vitality is to hold an endless supply of energy and joy.

"The Vitality Retreat was an opportunity to stop and reflect on where I am at and where I want to be. Angie was wonderful at guiding me to look deep within myself, take time to listen to the answers and set goals around change. It was an incredibly healing experience. The mindfulness and meditation practices learnt will stay with me for life. I highly recommend this retreat, it is a gift we should all give ourselves!"
"Angie has been a most loving, fiercely committed, compassionate and inclusive guide and coach on my continuing journey of self-awareness and never puts herself on another level, her approach is so refreshing."
"Angie is an inspiration, a woman on a mission to help everyone tap into their inner gold and to truly embrace their uniqueness. She blends her diverse work experience - business coach, teacher and yoga teacher, and seamlessly weaves eastern philosophy with current research from the fields of mindfulness and meditation all with great tenderness, nurturing writing and the soothing voice of an angel."
“The Vitality Retreat helped me clarify my direction in life through a time of great instability and has boosted my confidence to follow my intuition and dreams - I am forever grateful to Angie!”
"I joined the Vitality Retreat with Angie because I wanted to improve my mindfulness and meditation practice. Angie shared a range of ways in which to engage with these practices by providing personal coaching sessions, group discussion and meditation workshops as well as weekly drop in meditation sessions. The benefits I have gained from this retreat have included a greater understanding of how meditation and mindfulness influence and improve my state of being, build healthy neural pathways and increase general positivity. Through this retreat I have been able to integrate my mindfulness practise throughout my day beyond the fifteen minutes on the meditation cushion. All of this development was supported and done with a sense of openness and good humour, making it real and relatable."

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